As our service runs in Germany the following terms are necessary

Verantwortlich i.S.v. § 6 MDStV
Irene Hell
CEO Irene Hell News
Steinachstr. 6a
97082 Würzburg

Telefon: +49 177 64 12 12 6

Special thanks to Peter Brabeck-Letmathe for his encouragement to use my infernal surname “hell”as a
brand name for the media company. It took some courage but somebody who sells a billion items a  day can’t be wrong…
I would also like to thank Michael Rayder Meyer of the United Nations for his brilliant strategic advice and the Media
Team of  the World Economic Forum.

This service has been made possible with the loyal support of Glenys Schinder and her excellent editorial
assistance in the past 20 years and due to the artistic work of our graphic designer Tony Dresser.